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The ultimate welded connection that will never loosen, corrode or increase in resistance.

ERICO is dedicated to continuous product improvement to meet its customers' needs and maintain the highest level of satisfaction. The introduction of CADWELD® electrical connections in 1938 enabled them to be quickly recognized as the ultimate connection for rail, cathodic, power and grounding applications.

Continuing the tradition of technical leadership, CADWELD® PLUS was developed as a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections. This trusted system now features a new CADWELD PLUS cup design for the integrated welding material package which has streamlined the installation process by eliminating ignition materials.

The tamper proof, integrated welding material package consists of a steel cup containing CADWELD® patented welding material alloys and an ignition source. This newly shaped welding material package is designed for use in all standard CADWELD® molds, including CADWELD® MULTI. Once placed in the CADWELD® mold, the welding material is electronically ignited using a simple battery-powered control unit with a six-foot lead.

CADWELD® PLUS connections offer all the benefits of conventional CADWELD® connections:
  • Current carrying capacity equal to or greater than that of the conductor
  • Withstand repeated fault currents without failing during operation
  • Permanent, molecular bond that will not loosen or corrode, resulting in a connection with a lifetime equal to that of the installation
  • Join copper to copper, copper to galvanized or plain steel, copper to copper clad steel, copper to bronze/brass/stainless steel, steel to steel, etc.
  • No external power or heat source required
  • Quality Assurance Inspection is easy and visual
  • Minimal installation training required
  • Exceed requirements of "IEEE® Std 837- Std. for Qualifying Permanent Connections Used In Substation Grounding"
CADWELD® PLUS Control Unit initiates the reaction of the metal crucible. The standard unit includes a 6-foot (1.8 meter) high temperature control unit lead. The lead attaches to the ignition strip using a custom made, purpose-designed termination clip.

After the termination clip is installed on the ignition strip, the installer pushes and holds the ignition button to start a charging and discharging sequence. Within a few seconds the control unit sends a predetermined voltage to the ignition strip and the reaction is initiated.

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CADWELD® PLUS Weld Metal for Grounding Applications


Weld Metal is sold in packages only.

CADWELD® PLUS Weld Metal for Cathodic Applications


Weld Metal is sold in packages only.

CADWELD® PLUS Weld Metal for Cast Iron Applications


Weld Metal is sold in packages only.
Optional Accessories

CADWELD® PLUS Weld Metal Control Units