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Standard Welding Material

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Sold in Standard Packages Only

CADWELD Weld Metal is a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum, packaged by size in plastic tubes. Each tube contains the starting material at the bottom of the plastic tube, with the Weld Metal on top. These materials are not explosive and not subject to spontaneous ignition. These containers are packaged in boxes along with metal disks. Each weld uses one disk.

Five types of CADWELD Weld Metal are used for grounding connections:
  1. F20 or standard Weld Metal is used for all grounding connections with the exception of those to cast iron or to load bearing rail. The Standard Weld Metal containers have clear (or natural) caps. Standard Weld Metal is also used with most FX molds.
  2. XL Weld Metal is used with EXOLON molds. EXOLON Weld Metal containers have white caps.
  3. XF-19 Alloy Weld Metal is used for all connections to cast iron such as Type HB and others. XF-19 Weld Metal containers have orange caps.

    For DUCTILE IRON, see Section 3, Cast Iron Connections

  4. CADWELD F80 Alloy Weld Metal is used for all connections to load bearing rail such as Type W Bonds. F80 Weld Metal containers have yellow caps.
  5. Cathodic connections require different weld metal and molds. Contact ERICO for cathodic connection applications.


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