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Cadweld Cast Ground Plates

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CADWELD ground plates used in concrete structures offer convenient ground system connection points. These ground points are used for equipment, machinery and structure grounding after completion of the concrete work.

The castings are made from a copper alloy. CADWELD ground plate connections result in current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor or stud and cannot loosen or corrode.

Caution: Use only CADWELD cast ground plates. Other similar plates may be available which do not meet the strength requirements necessary. They may crack or break during installation.

Use a CADWELD Type TA or Type SS mold when connecting the CADWELD cast ground plate to the ground conductor. The cast ground plate stud size noted above fits the mold opening for a cable of the same size.


CADWELD Manual LT30323
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How To Order CADWELD Molds
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